Dr. Joshua Ologe in 2001, initiated what is today known as Christian Youth Forum Ministry (CYF). His passion for this work was born many years ago but he did little or nothing till the Holy Spirit propelled him and arranged many circumstances to confirm the calling. So he decided to get started with an annual camp meeting (Christian Youth Forum) which has kept growing since it started. The Ministry was Incorporated by the Corporate Affairs Commission, Abuja, Nigeria, on July 11, 2006 as Christian Youth Forum Ministry. It has a constitution, and appointed members of the Board of Trustees. The National Co-ordinator is supported by a Planning Committee for the formulation of operational strategies.

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The overall goal has been to raise a generation of Youths, young men, and women that are helped to be fulfilled in their endeavors and spiritually armed to defeat the enemy of their soul, the devil, particularly in times like this and at the same time makes them disciples of Christ in their pursuit at their places of study, work, trade, and in their homes.

Rehoboth Faith Academy

In September 2012, the Ministry went into partnership to start a secondary school –Rehoboth Faith Academy, to further strengthen the strategies of reaching out more effectively, the lower age category of the target group of 13-40 years.

The Vision of the School is embodied in the goal of the ministry and is defined as: Prayerfully raising a model of children of secondary school age that will be a generational national pride in academic excellence, Godly Christian character and entrepreneurship.

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