Below is the letter of invitation for the Christian Youth Forum 2014 Camp Meeting. You can print out or forward copies to as many people as you want. To register on-line, send your details including marital status, sex, and number of people coming with you and their details if applicable, your arrival date and any other relevant information through: contact us.

October 5, 2014


I am sending warm greetings to you in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. It is my pleasure to send you this letter, which may be the first of its kind you will be receiving from the Christian Youth Forum secretariat, or the first in 2014 if you are one of those who received invitations to our previous meetings. This letter is being sent to you to invite you to participate in the 2014 Christian Youth Forum holding in Iyah-Gbedde from December 26 through 29 this year. As we send out invitations for this meeting, we equally wish to make clear our calling and consequently, our objective, as we had done in the previous meetings. A few brethren in 2001, organized a Forum captioned Christian Youth Forum (CYF) which featured a series of lectures and a variety of other programs for Youths between age group of about 13-40 years. Participants came from different parts of Nigeria but the calling is global and therefore, other nationals are both highly desirable and most welcomed. The program held December 26-29 subsequently. The feedback from those that attended previous meetings and the peace of God in our heart continue to be a source of encouragement to us the challenges notwithstanding. The calling seeks to meet the needs of this age group both spiritually and physically. The overall goal however is to raise a generation of Youths, young men, and women that are helped to be fulfilled in their endeavors and spiritually armed to defeat the enemy of their soul, the devil, particularly in times like this and at the same time makes them disciples of Christ in their pursuit at their places of study, work, trade, and in their homes. Consequently, Christian lecturers from different background and disciplines are invited yearly to speak on relevant subject matters including Spiritual, Heath, Career, and Family. Presently, a few of us as brethren, work together to plan, pray, and provide logistical supports as the Lord enables. We are trusting God to raise other brothers and sisters that will team up with us to respond to this call of our Lord and master Jesus Christ. We are equally trusting God for further direction and provision. The program holds annually in Iyah-Gbedde, Ijumu LGA, of Kogi state in Nigeria, a community of about 15 minutes drives to Kabba town, for those traveling from Ilorin end of the Ilorin-Lokoja road. For those approaching the community from Kabba towards Ilorin, it is equally about 15 minutes drive from Kabba. The program begins this year in the evening of Friday, December 26 and ends in the evening of Monday, December 29, 2014. You are also by this letter free to extend this invitation to others but we would appreciate it if you could send us the personal contact details of such individuals. Participants pay for their travel costs. Feeding and lodging are however provided free to the participants for the period. Participants are encouraged to make free- will offerings towards the program at the registration desk and or during the program activities as they are able. It is our prayers that the Lord will grant us the opportunity to share with you both physically and spiritually during the period, and that God will make it a memorable period of blessings to you and us all. We would like you to acknowledge this invitation and we shall be looking forward to hearing from you in due course. We shall also be grateful if you could also let us know at your earliest convenience if you are planning to come, and or if somebody you invited has agreed to come. Our current E-mail: cyfebox AT We look forward to hearing from you soon. Thank you and God bless you. WATCH OUT FOR REGULAR UPDATES AND FURTHER DETAILS ON THIS SITE.

Yours Sincerely,

Dr. Joshua O. Ologe

National CO-ordinator